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Jessica William

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Sadly, it sure looks that way. Again, where are you, Mr. Attorney General???

2021 has been a difficult year, filled also with important victories. To celebrate all we've accomplished, and I are throwing an end-of-the-year virtual event. With , , , & . Join us:

., can you explain why you’re against raising taxes on billionaires? It’s not because of your donors, right? … right?

Looking forward to watching this incredible documentary again tomorrow night! If you haven’t yet watched it, I highly encourage you to do so.

Tonight! Pasadena! All Saints!

Angelinos!! Join us for a very special event hosted by the one and only tomorrow night in Pasadena!

on Christmas traditions and what means to him.

. says exactly what I think. This is what you call truth.

This politico comparison of SCOTUS justices’ stated position on Roe at their confirmation hearings and their current position exemplifies exactly why the court has no legitimacy. Perjury is a felony. All 6 -appointed justices lied to get confirmed.

TODAY!!!! Join me at the Bill of Rights Awards honoring leaders who speak truth to power: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Ady Barkan, Patrisse Cullors, Cathy Park Hong and STARZ . Tune in Dec. 5 at 5 p.m. PT and RSVP for free or donate at

This is all true, as is the fact that he was a World War 2 veteran, and gave his life to public service, and should be praised for both, but to be clear: "his GOP" is Trump's GOP - Dole called himself a "Trumper" and voted for Trump twice. Twice. I can't, or won't, get pass that.

. is excellent. Touching, funny, sad, emotional, memorable, and expertly directed by

You can't "both sides" something when one side constantly lies.

. is bringing holiday magic to the stage as The Ghost of Christmas Present!

When you're right, you're right

Cancer isn't contagious, but I'd have thought if you really wanted to do something to reduce cancer deaths, you'd be pushing hard for universal healthcare and strong regulations on emissions and pollution.

I am really proud of my latest Op Ed just published in and hope you read. If like me, you want to keep those you love safe, care about Democracy, the environment and the future of our country then VOTE FOR GUN SAFETY CANDIDATES!!!

See Andrew Garfield’s “magnetic” performance as Jonathan Larson in , on Netflix now.

🎵 Tom Morello Releases Second Solo Album In Less Than Two Months

COVID Update: The anti-vaccine natural herd immunity-just go get COVID crowd has met their match … with reality. 1/