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Jessica William

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Sunoo stage presence is insane, his expression is always on point. His ability to attract the audience's attention is amazing. Even if he got a small part on stage, he can still make his part memorable.🌻🦊

seongmin said today's vity park will be fun and asked us to look forward to the talent show later😂 : the talent show is really amazing : look forward to it^^

Right from the beginning Chaewon’s powerful and angelic voice sounds so amazing💚🥰

oh my god chaewon's high note? are we hearing her? THE GOOSEBUMPS SHE'S SO AMAZING 😭👏 ALWAYS HOLD CHAEWON HAND

We have some amazing news for voice artists, those that want to train in Voice Artistry and any one looking for the talent.

This amazing special is ending 30th June. Something for the whole family ☕😍

Reminding myself of what I'm good at so sharing this again. I loved every word I wrote for this story and I'm always amazed how many came to love it. A big shout out to the amazing who gifted me the amazing art attached to some of the chapters.

Congratulations mam for completing 6 months of portraying Astha. An amazing teacher. No one can deny that after Shakhi scenes fans favrt r Astha scenes. Thanku for making us emotionally connected to Astha.

Congrats to the team behind the amazing music video, ! And of course for giving this opportunity to the boys! And of course to all the ACEs who streamed non-stop! BGYO_HIH_1MILLION

so now that ji changmin has a dance teacher gig, is it possible that he can be an artist of the month soon? studio choom please hire this amazing dancer 😁🙏

this shows antagonists are perfect for being used as memes and reactions, but round applause to them for their amazing performance, be it Badi Ma, Bade Papa, Alok, or Vineet, they truly deserve an appreciation tweet.

Hey Guys! Check out this amazing Stock Market Game I found on the App Store. It’s a great way to learn the stock market in a risk-free and fun manner!

Found the amazing bts of the amazing dance on sitara...

Happy anniversary to Velence! Thank you for serving us with good quality product, great services, well organized and excellent management skills within a year ✨ Congrats to our amazing CEO and the whole team! 🎉

this show has introduced me to the most amazing, talented and kind hearted leads who'd never miss the chance to make their fans happy.

These 6 months have been the best months of my life from being bored out of ITV shows for a long time to getting hooked over SAAKK will be my best memory related to this show Thank you for giving us the amazing this show❤

Amazing weekend but needed a ride and a rewarding offer at @1958coffeehouse this morning. Then it's back home for a fine blend of domestic chores and web design ahead of the grand opening of @chafflestakeaway next week!

It’s just amazing how your entire day could turn around after seeing them 💜 thank you for making our days brighter and full of love and laughter 🥺

It's so amazing. Thank for a great opportunity. I really love project keep going!!!

We had so much fun today during . We used our imagination and created so many amazing things! 🖼🎨