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Jessica William

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"on your bike, lightie (youngster)" was my first introduction to sledging as a young schoolboy making his way into Snr club cricket. Looks as if that sledge is still appropriate here

he looks genuinely so happy im soft 🥺

he looks so good 😭

Yonghoon said he didnt pushed kanghyun, its just that the timing he reached out his hand and kanghyun leaving the spot matched. Thus, it looks as if he pushed him from the angle. Yonghoon asked OP to explain this to other weves.

Congratulations to brother on his landmark victory in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s 13th Presidential elections. We look forward to working with him for further strengthening our fraternal ties and for regional peace, progress and prosperity.

Looks like I am safe. For now.

Daesung looks so good omg so cute 🥺🥺❤

prt Wonpil's eyes are glistening he looks so happy and contented 🥺❤

the person who makes us feel loved and comforted in his own ways and looks at us with soo much love n adoration in his eyes WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG TAEHYUNG OUR HAPPINESS

pp! she's beautiful, she looks kind she probably gives you butterflies~

nctbase Nctzen + Tyongf : Taeyong looks so small and tiny we should protect him. meanwhile Taeyong in real life :

this is so hard to do but he did it so effortlessly that made looks easy

Looks like a couple who bunked a class in college to spend sometime together😍😍 The freshness, the youthfulness, the innocence Rusha yaar dil le lo!!

Key promoting “Ready to Love” on Amazing Saturday!!! Look at Hoshi and seungkwan’s reactions!!!! 🥺❤️

This whole ads looks like a casual rich boyfriends date night vibes. So simple, but looks expensive. Pop open some champagne, it'll be perfect already. I love it 😌💙

In the words of a wise man I know, he looks good enough to eat.

this is actual my fav pic of alice, she just looks so happy it makes me smile sm everytime i see it

He has a certain kind of glow yesterday. And he looks so... fresh! It's good to know that you're doing fine, actor Kim. 🙂

i don't understand anyting but the hell jake looks so good!!