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Jessica William

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I drew Kaichou for my art homework The best smile (っ´▽`)っ

will do everything to protect those smiles

her eye smile I’M INLOVE 🐥💛

no bc you can see the way he smiles whenever taeyong is around

brightest smiles i’ve seen all day 🤍🤍

Yung ngiti nyo nakakahawa. Idk what happened to me pero I feel so down today wala namang reason pero seeing your smiles grabe I feel a lot better now. Thank you boys 🥺

only smiles and laughter for my precious baby🤍

his smile gets bigger as you swipe

love his precious smiles. 🤍✨

gentle reminder mew bought the bunny princess as soon as he got the bunny prince and their synchronised nods and big smiles after "are they a couple now?"

yoongi shooky matching smiles;-;

smile flower :"))

jaehyun can’t hide those smiles for taeyong 👀

the smile while talking about why he choose his university & faculty 😊 and university day of gulf kanawut is so cutee 🤏🏻 —— ;

Chaewon's smile is too much for me to handle 🥺

don’t forget to smile and please keep on streaming!!! 🤗

Smile flower is so appropriate for this situation :(( The lyrics say "if there comes a time that we have to be apart, no matter what happens, we'll be together"

I think the best way to describe episode 4 is that it'll be a lot more quiet-er compared to twf 3, in a good way, that is

please taekook big smile when they goes kiss-space closer

Sending a big, ol' Happy Summer wish to all / friends to start off the work week with some smiles. Make it a great day ~ Blessings!