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Jessica William

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"Next level" by has reached #1 on melon 24hits chart👏👏✨Aespa becomes 1st SM artist 1st 4th gen group and 4th idol group to top the chart after Blackpink, BTS and Brave girls✨ congrats 🎉

There was a report that a Zionist settler gassed 4 Palestinian girls earlier today. The Israeli occupation police came…. and attested two Palestinian minors.

"Next Level" by has now reached #1 on MelOn 24Hits Chart 👏✨ becomes the first 4th Generation Idol Group to reach this milestone.

"Next Level" [8PM KST] #1 MelOn 24Hits [+1] *new peak* #2 FLO [=] #2 Genie [=] #2 Bugs [=]

aespa ‘Next Level’ has reached the highest peak #1 on MelOn 24Hits! The first and only girlgroup song released in 2021 to reach #1 on MelOn 24Hits! aespa now joins BLACKPINK & BRAVE GIRLS as the only girl groups who reached #1 on MelOn 24Hits! 🔥 Congrats ! 🥳

, , & are the only Girl Groups to reach #1 on MelOn 24Hits Chart 👏🎉✨

Can you reform this? State Trooper pulls family over (with two young girls), maces them, terrorizes them, rams them, kills one of the girls, and forces the father to watch her get taken away in a body bag while handcuffed in the back of the patrol car.

FEMALE ARTISTS SONGS WHICH REACHED #1 ON MELON 24HITS CHART IN 2021: - Shiny Star , Mushvenom, Khundi Panda, Munchman - VVS - Celebrity - Rollin` - LILAC - Next Level 🆕

: i’m the 4th gen IT GIRL

Today’s Tags 6/21 ✨ ERICA THE HATTRICK FORCE Erica Nlewedim Elite League Elites

hot girl summer 🤎

Fighting our yennie 💛

Partey posted this today. Imagine if Thomas Partey was actually on Love Island All the girls would avoid him because he plays for Arsenal💀💀💀

It is pretty foggy here in PA this morning. I'm expecting Barnabus Collins to walk out of the woods at any moment.🤣

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