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Jessica William

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A beautiful way to pay tribute to our frontline workers! It’s full of heart and filled mine ❤️❤️Amazing gesture and work by and team !

Rachel Maddow traces the personal story of 94-year-old activist Opal Lee, whose years-long crusade to make Juneteenth a national holiday was finally realized on Thursday.

dancing to aespa’s Next Level on Amazing Saturday!

Nick Spencer will close out his epic run on 'Amazing Spider-Man' this September! 🕷️

- 210619 amazing saturday - NEXT LEVEL get ready to screech from how cool he is. (the fandom will be available on AmazSat youtube channel!) //he got so into it, he forgot about the snack n went back to his seat after dancing lol

Key promoting “Ready to Love” on Amazing Saturday!!! Look at Hoshi and seungkwan’s reactions!!!! 🥺❤️

cheol posted "close your eyes" on wv before his dance part came out on amazing saturday 🤣🤣🤣 he did well tho!!!!!!

Yugyeom’s amazing vocals. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

🐈 CNS is really amazing. It’s my first time seeing Jimin sunbaenim rap

[🌟Weverse] 210619 -20:00 KST- ➸ Amazing Saturday ♡

AMAZING NEWS! 🙌 First responders in Rostraver Township rescued a kitten trapped in a storm drain.

She looks amazing in all 4 versions

jungkook tuning the guitar by ear?!?! wow he's amazing

Your daily gif of Hayden saying that's awful but still smiling 😁

🐈oh sowoozoo. chicken noodle was amazing. thats the first time I saw jimin sunbaenim rap

i have special feelings for amazing saturday hoshi skksks his fit and everything 😭

the t in taehyung stands for full of love and being the best, brightest, loveliest and most amazing person in the world who deserves love and all the happiness only

We love you Taehyung, you're an amazing person to ever exist ♡♡ Keep shining!

Happy Birthday, Boss! PM 🇬🇧 Have an amazing day 🙂