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Jessica William

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John Doe

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There's no better moment than Hande in o ses surprising Kerem. His smile was the widest I have ever seen. He was so happy and speechless, his beby was there with him

no bc you can see the way he smiles whenever taeyong is around

🔼 ps: i love you — 🔼 — since the beginning, the days we have with them are numbered. despite that, the tears of strength, eternal friendships, hard-earned smiles, and warm laughters that were shared among our 399 stars, will live with us forever.

What if we get a T Map episode where TREASURE decorates their lightstick?? Or a 3-Minute Treasure or a V Live?? That would be something to look forward to 🤩

brightest smiles i’ve seen all day 🤍🤍

gentle reminder mew bought the bunny princess as soon as he got the bunny prince and their synchronised nods and big smiles after "are they a couple now?"

her eye smile I’M INLOVE 🐥💛

love his precious smiles. 🤍✨

his smile gets bigger as you swipe

only smiles and laughter for my precious baby🤍

smile flower :"))

P4 had such fun during our Wellbeing Week last week. Just look at the determination (and smiles) on our faces during our Sports Afternoon.


True, the begining we had was horrible! So, let's begin again, today! With a smile, with a hope that maybe, someday we will embark upon the journey of love....

Smile flower is so appropriate for this situation :(( The lyrics say "if there comes a time that we have to be apart, no matter what happens, we'll be together"

yoongi shooky matching smiles;-;

they always know how to revive a heart afraid of heading on in the day, suddenly from first morning of the week turned into morning decorated by bangtan's smiles. it feels a lot dear.

bang chan’s smile is the definition of pure happiness

Yung ngiti nyo nakakahawa. Idk what happened to me pero I feel so down today wala namang reason pero seeing your smiles grabe I feel a lot better now. Thank you boys 🥺