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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

three wonderful people who give smiles and saved the lives of many THEY ARE THE BEST TAEHYUNG OUR HAPPINESS JIMIN OUR LIGHT JUNGKOOK OUR COMFORT

vminkook, our angels. we will do everything to protect your precious smiles. jimin our light taehyung our happiness our precious jungkook

"Belle, mag smile ka nga.Isang smile lang" -Donny "Why? I'm smiling naman" -Belle Belle smiles Meanwhile Donny at the copying Belle's camera. smile.

they light up the whole world with their smiles, Jimin our light, our angel, taehyung our happiness, Jungkook our comfort, we love you

Sakura experienced not one but two farewells in the span of 3 months and yet she faced it with straight up head and smile. she reminded me the importance of having the courage to get out from comfort zones. cuz that's the only way to challenge ourselves to be better than before🌸

7 billion smiles have in the world and you're smile is our favourite💜 JIMIN OUR LIGHT

Her smile still the same like when I fall in love with Nekkoya 🥰

Mew sending finger hearts and smiles!! he’s here let’s go Mew 🤍🤍

your smile lights up my world, tae. TAEHYUNG OUR HAPPINESS WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG

it’s been a while since they ended a dance practice video with the biggest smile on their faces 🤍

📸 | Big smiles yesterday in Amsterdam with fans. 💘


The EUPHORIC smiles are just made for each other only❤

tae's language is the language of love. every thought of his is about giving comfort & making our lives full of smiles. through his warm words he is always there for us no matter what & so do we ♡ we'll always love and support him :) TAEHYUNG OUR HAPPINESS WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG

her smile is everything

Bondu's cute smile after seeing whole school how beautiful that episode was when gandhi ji called on stage to tell about women see got nervous and unable to say but that was the new turn for the show MORE OF PRAVISHTAURRA AS ANIDITA

Whatever they do, wherever they go, they are and will always be a chaotic mess 😂❤ The heaven knows how much I miss these dorks 😭💙💛💚💜💡 Thank you for always making us Lights smile 💕