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Jessica William

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Huge : Uttar Pradesh’s ATS finds proof of Love Jihad too - vulernable girls from weak communities targeted and trapped using Muslim boys for conversion to Islam- physically challenged children targeted in thousands - funding by ISI- Will Love Jihad doubters apologise?

will focus on securing Exit Strategies that allow all women & girls in Ireland to choose not to enter prostitution because of poverty,insecure immigration status,discrimination/other vulnerabilities & that allow them to leave prostitution if it is their choice

blinks on the tl 🥴 just means easy tickets for me and I can have all the theatre to myself without smelly blinks interrupting me

She tagged all the girls including herself. I just can't wait ahh I know this is something to look forward too if Jisoo is so fast to update about it. 😩

Shocker! UP ATS has arrested Umar & Jahangir who converted 1000 non muslims from the weaker section of the society including kids & young girls and getting them married to muslims They received massive funds for this henious crime, mostly foreign funding Full on Jihad in action

lowkey panicking, PRETTY GIRLS IN MY DMS [email protected]^!^

Professor Star Girl is back for the final lesson University - How to be a star boy/girl. Watch the full video to find out! ✨🔗 via on IGTV

seriously can the girls just make a live for their anniversary instead? that's so much better

Look at us go! Races on the assault course!

Brave Girls CF for GuJeonNokYong is OUT NOW!! Go and watch guys~~

they better let the viewers hear unreleased songs, girls writing and making music, their ACTUAL trainee days with more screentime, more recording process and whatsoever. make it GOOD

In the wake of UP Anti-Terrorism Squad busting a racket run from Jamia to target and convert girls, do watch this short video by . Watch and share. Also, consider supporting us for producing more work. Link:

this jihyo wearing glasses, powerpuff girls shirt and blue shirt will be one of my fave looks of her in rm yes :)

Hello to this beautiful humans🤩 Myghaaaad they're all glowing, hiyang na hiyang sa bubble😊 Keepsafe always CCS girls 📸MG

To all the men talking to themselves in girls dms for the past few months. How’s that going for you, you massive weirdos?

💣       @.       银        座 ㅤ๚ On the road ㅤ๛ 062121 ° 5 57 °      ⦦ ‟ On the way to pick up my girls for groceries. ”

Stills of Gossip Girl (2021)

Difference between good 👍girls and very good girls. Good girls open few buttons when environment is hot. Very good girls open all buttons to make environment hot🔥❤

SHE WAS ONE OF THE RARE ONES, SO EFFORTLESSLY HERSELF, AND THE WORLD LOVE HER FOR IT!♥️ An inspiration for many young ppl, especially girls. I still remember my grandma watching her videos so that she gets a peaceful sleep.🥺♥️♾ We love you! ♾

“It doesn’t affect the girls” yes it does “It doesn’t affect me” it shouldn’t be a reason for you not to care about Native ppl “The girls have no choice” they have a lot of creative freedom, they should use that “It’s not realistic to change their name” yes, so a logo change