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SHINee Key wrote R.T.L - 세븐틴 ♡ (Ready to Love - Seventeen) on his hand on the Amazing Saturday show 😂 He was doing the ending fairy pose 😂

A beautiful way to pay tribute to our frontline workers! It’s full of heart and filled mine ❤️❤️Amazing gesture and work by and team !

Nick Spencer will close out his epic run on 'Amazing Spider-Man' this September! 🕷️

we are all crying together😭😭. Thank you for amazing 10 years Sakuratan, we love you and we will support you 💖🌸🌸😭

[🌟Weverse] 210619 -20:21 KST- ➸ Close your eyes.. (T/N : He's shy because he was dancing to Hyuna - I'm Not Cool on Amazing Saturday.)

dancing to aespa’s Next Level on Amazing Saturday!

Yes I do think these shots of Bakugou pulling off a hat is amazing

Key promoting “Ready to Love” on Amazing Saturday!!! Look at Hoshi and seungkwan’s reactions!!!! 🥺❤️

- 210619 amazing saturday - seungkwan getting frustrated at his members for not speaking well on tv i was like, where hv i seen this before lol then kibum is like "not everyone can be like u" SK: hyung u know well too!! KEY: ysys after 10 years it will be better 😂😂😂😂😂

🐈 CNS is really amazing. It’s my first time seeing Jimin sunbaenim rap

cheol posted "close your eyes" on wv before his dance part came out on amazing saturday 🤣🤣🤣 he did well tho!!!!!!

Yugyeom’s amazing vocals. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

Rachel Maddow traces the personal story of 94-year-old activist Opal Lee, whose years-long crusade to make Juneteenth a national holiday was finally realized on Thursday.

jungkook tuning the guitar by ear?!?! wow he's amazing

🐈oh sowoozoo. chicken noodle was amazing. thats the first time I saw jimin sunbaenim rap

This Is Just Amazing...... Great Creativity.... MORE OF PRAVISHTAURRA AS ANIDITA

[🌟Weverse] 210619 -20:00 KST- ➸ Amazing Saturday ♡


i have special feelings for amazing saturday hoshi skksks his fit and everything 😭

210619 Amazing Saturday SEVENTEEN its great that hoshi knew the song well but its so funny that park narae who just met him a few hours ago already tell him to “ok be calm, be calm first” when he started to get hyped😂😂