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Jessica William

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dancing to aespa’s Next Level on Amazing Saturday!

hoshi got the correct answer earlier and now seungkwan too👏👏 Seventeen in the Amazing Sat. hall of fame❤️

SHINee Key wrote R.T.L - 세븐틴 ♡ (Ready to Love - Seventeen) on his hand on the Amazing Saturday show 😂 He was doing the ending fairy pose 😂

I love my baby sisters. The way they hype me up every time I'm down. I'm really lucky to have been born with some amazing people.

The gigantic wolf howled to the moon in the middle of the night 🐺🌕

damn 10 years,,, that was so long,, she faced many difficulties, but still, she remained strong, and become more proud and confident of herself. What a wonderful story, those past 10 years were just so special. She's amazing, very amazing.

The best thing that happened to me on 2020, you ask? IMMJ2, the TEAM and RraHel as RiAnsh 🔥🧿♥️! WHAT AN AMAZING JOURNEY🤍💫! And because of that, can’t help it but Dil Maange More✨💛💫... IMMJ HITS THIRD CENTURY

Let's celebrate Juneteenth! This holiday honors the history and ongoing fight for Black freedom. How are you celebrating? Very special shout out to and the team for an amazing song 🧡

Props to Ningning for dancing as amazing as always in stiletto heels that were also way too big on her feet

i have special feelings for amazing saturday hoshi skksks his fit and everything 😭

Yes I do think these shots of Bakugou pulling off a hat is amazing

Key promoting “Ready to Love” on Amazing Saturday!!! Look at Hoshi and seungkwan’s reactions!!!! 🥺❤️

Good morning! Have an amazing day

seungcheol, seungkwan & hoshi on amazing saturday!!! 🥰🤍

[🌟Weverse] 210619 -20:00 KST- ➸ Amazing Saturday ♡

210619 Amazing Saturday SEVENTEEN its great that hoshi knew the song well but its so funny that park narae who just met him a few hours ago already tell him to “ok be calm, be calm first” when he started to get hyped😂😂

[🌟Weverse] 210619 -20:21 KST- ➸ Close your eyes.. (T/N : He's shy because he was dancing to Hyuna - I'm Not Cool on Amazing Saturday.)

seventeen on Amazing Saturday wall of fame because seungkwan and hoshi got one shot on guessing the lyrics

amazing content to start my summer with 🤘😌