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Jessica William

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Sakura experienced not one but two farewells in the span of 3 months and yet she faced it with straight up head and smile. she reminded me the importance of having the courage to get out from comfort zones. cuz that's the only way to challenge ourselves to be better than before🌸


Let your inner beauty and confidence shine through, smile! ANDIABAYA OUR MAGICALSTAR

I suddenly missed his smile (ಥ﹏ಥ) TAEHYUNG OUR HAPPINESS

Keep sprinting wherever you go next,Milkha Singh. We will miss your spirit, smile, can-do spirit, and the biggest of big hearts. India will forever be grateful for what you achieved in bare feet...those you touched with kindness will miss you even more...

here's a precious smile to brighten up your tl

tae's language is the language of love. every thought of his is about giving comfort & making our lives full of smiles. through his warm words he is always there for us no matter what & so do we ♡ we'll always love and support him :) TAEHYUNG OUR HAPPINESS WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG

Her cute smile ....Her maturity. ..Itni si age ye sab krna is not an easy task....And because of her acting we all are so attached with her.... MORE OF PRAVISHTAURRA AS ANIDITA

At the end of the day, THEY ARE THE SOURCE OF OUR HAPPINESS!!☃️💜 Thanks for being the reason for our smile everyday and for helping us overcome depression..💜 Video credits: mpmeditz ig

look at him smile showing all his teeth aaaa im so proud of you !!!!

the way beomgyu smiles while he looks at taehyun

remember during bon voyage in malta when taehyung bought gifts for the members, look at the smile on his face 🥺 TAEHYUNG OUR HAPPINESS

sometimes i think about how maybe mingi showed us his eye smiles to tell us that he was ok and getting better... :(

My heart. ❤️ This is genuinely way too cute! They are FINALLY getting such awwwdorable scenes. Their smiles, just them, god PRECIOUS as fudge. 🧿✨

best smile ever

Mina imitating Momo's pose while guessing "Hawaii" and her smile after please this is so cute

peeps, What situations do you use "cut me some slack" for the most. Guesting episode in the making. Happy to do shout outs if thats okay with :) Bonus smiles for 1 example sentence.