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Jessica William

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So tawan was the one who delivered the foods

picky eaters have the most disgusting favourite foods. I’ll prove it. here’s mine

the cashier having to scan my 10 same safe foods every week

⁩ ⁦⁩ Great. Music, food, venue life doesn’t get much better

5 Salad Recipes You Can Eat All Week

“when it comes to eating, sn knows really well” when jk said “eating”, in korean this context includes the meaning of “food” in general he was literally saying that sn has a lot of knowledge when it comes to food stop twisting the meaning when u cant even understand context.

Food is music to the body, music is food to the heart.” (Gregory David Roberts)

Them with food items have some other level of chemistry

OhmFluke with Love ❤️ Tawan with food 🥓🍖

// food corn dog & iced coffee w/ my 2 Js ♡︎

Objective of the CHARITY LIVE MINI CONCERT: Jointly procure PPE kits to be given to rescuers through the National Institute of Emergency Medicine. Ready to support food for medical personnel and patients in field hospitals.

5 Quirky Pizza Recipes For All Pizza Lovers

7 Muslim volunteers who were assaulted by a gang of local BJP members on 4 & 6 April, as they tried to distribute food to impoverished people in the Marathahalli and Dasarahalli districts of Karnataka. This happened in the name of Tableegi Jamat conspiracy


Happiness is enjoying the rain with street foods.. Do you all agree? 😉