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Jessica William

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Huge : Uttar Pradesh’s ATS finds proof of Love Jihad too - vulernable girls from weak communities targeted and trapped using Muslim boys for conversion to Islam- physically challenged children targeted in thousands - funding by ISI- Will Love Jihad doubters apologise?

blinks on the tl 🥴 just means easy tickets for me and I can have all the theatre to myself without smelly blinks interrupting me

gonna be the first in line for the movie to beat up akgaes let's GO

Shocker! UP ATS has arrested Umar & Jahangir who converted 1000 non muslims from the weaker section of the society including kids & young girls and getting them married to muslims They received massive funds for this henious crime, mostly foreign funding Full on Jihad in action

She tagged all the girls including herself. I just can't wait ahh I know this is something to look forward too if Jisoo is so fast to update about it. 😩

girl we going harry pottah?

this whole thing is gonna be so fun idc idc we're eating

they better let the viewers hear unreleased songs, girls writing and making music, their ACTUAL trainee days with more screentime, more recording process and whatsoever. make it GOOD

lowkey panicking, PRETTY GIRLS IN MY DMS [email protected]^!^

💣       @.       银        座 ㅤ๚ On the road ㅤ๛ 062121 ° 5 57 °      ⦦ ‟ On the way to pick up my girls for groceries. ”

MelOn Unique Listeners [7PM KST] #1 Butter - 447,772 #2 "Next Level" - 456,223

We applaude Fathers, Male teachers & Mentors who inspire, support, motivate and sponsor girls in STEM.

i get that those 5 projects might be very big and something that will definitely pull our attentions in, the girls and us are very excited about what’s coming but i just hope that they will still do an ot4 live because something as simple as that is already enough

Bermuda triangle is the 2nd unsloved mystery in the world but girls wearing overall in washrooms,returants nd shopping malls still remain first specially kabirians girsls😂😂😂

Difference between good 👍girls and very good girls. Good girls open few buttons when environment is hot. Very good girls open all buttons to make environment hot🔥❤

Brave Girls CF for GuJeonNokYong is OUT NOW!! Go and watch guys~~

We have some new SGGS Athletics record holders after this weekend's Warwickshire Schools Athletics Competition. Well done to the year 9 and 10 girls who will be on the records until their distances or times are beaten!

This is so beautiful all shakhi moments this girls just Rocks I follow her from the starting of the show ❤😍😍🥺

SHE WAS ONE OF THE RARE ONES, SO EFFORTLESSLY HERSELF, AND THE WORLD LOVE HER FOR IT!♥️ An inspiration for many young ppl, especially girls. I still remember my grandma watching her videos so that she gets a peaceful sleep.🥺♥️♾ We love you! ♾

😲😲😲 what is this yoon pony tail Ddjfjfgkkhdgigrti