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Jessica William

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John Doe

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no "sorry's" after "jimin's birthday" and "i love you"...and once you erase the rest... Jimin's Birthday Once again You look good whatever you do I guess you are still asleep You know my heart You are me I am you No matter how much I think over I love you

look at the member introduction at the stray kids section on tower records 🥲

Ryujin looks so happy when midzy showed her cat to her 😭 cat lover ryu ♡

Got this controller today it actually looks sick!

tzuyu looks so cool on her dance practice outfit and the converse matches the color of her cropped top too ☺️💙

juyeon looks like this in real life

A-choo team 🤣 jeongyeon looks so cute pls 🥺

210619 ♡ she looks so good

the way loki looks at mobius before leaving 🥺

the way beomgyu smiles while he looks at taehyun

With the postponement of the promotional activities, let's look at the brighter side, sebongs can somehow rest a bit for all their hardworks with this comeback, The8 can somehow rest, and maybe, the boys will be active on weverse since they are staying at home!

That's a very cute hat and dress you are wearing, Liyuu. I think it looks great on you! 💕 Your hat looks like this one, but only in a different color. 😅

How the f*ck is Graeme Souness 68. Looks unbelievable for that age, must do some amount of riding even at that age 😂

the way nako looks at sakura ☹️sending off her friend she’s been looking up to for years, a friend that always had her back and a friend who became like a real sister to her

ngl mayuzumi kinda looks like miku in hatsune miku no shoushitsu and im not ready to take that route

"i can see my name!! jiung!!" -jiung look at how excited they were when they saw p1eces 😭

this video of baekhyun lives in my mind rent free, why does he looks so hot here

Highlight’s intro at KCON! They look so good.

This looks so pretty 😭

'looks like i can play on grass as well'