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Jessica William

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this smile can heal and give stays strength

Sakura experienced not one but two farewells in the span of 3 months and yet she faced it with straight up head and smile. she reminded me the importance of having the courage to get out from comfort zones. cuz that's the only way to challenge ourselves to be better than before🌸

That smile tho?!?!?! 😳

i'll do everything to see this smile and him hugging 3 awards again.

Keep sprinting wherever you go next,Milkha Singh. We will miss your spirit, smile, can-do spirit, and the biggest of big hearts. India will forever be grateful for what you achieved in bare feet...those you touched with kindness will miss you even more...

Admit It They are Not Acting in This,They are Enjoying In It,See Their Smiles,It Say Tat ,The Smile Tells Us Their Enjoyment ❤️ Awww I Love This ❤️❤️

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value💕- Albert Einstein

i love his smile sm 🥺

Baby Smile~ ChunZhen Patrick

here's taehyung's boxy smile to cleanse ur tl

im sorry but he really MEANT it...the way he looked down at ops hand, then back into their eyes and then slowly started to smile...hes not flirting that shit came from his heart

EVERYONE look at his Smile

TRANS : Instagram 19.6.2021 Net Caption: Don’t forget to smile 😊 James: So bright. Net: I will be more bright if you're free and go to dinner with me.55555 🤪 ฝดใฝ โลกเป็นสีชมพู เพราะคนมีความรักแหละ กินข้าวด้วยกันก็คงเป็นสีชมพู 😘

The happiest thing that happened to me from last year is watching this show.. IMMJ HITS THIRD CENTURY

TL cleanseeee look how beautiful their smiles are 🥺🥺😭❤