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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I made this cake for fun about a month ago

Cake I delivered today for a wedding!

Had fun making these!

Made this cake this past weekend!

A cake I made last week!

The cookie with fall written on it is suppose to look like a wood slice, but my husband told me last night it appears to look more like barbwire, so hey that's okay. These cookie were made for fun anyways😀

cake pops I made

Still trying to get them perfectly round, I’m feeling a little frustrated and wish I knew how they do it

also that is a glaze and not royal icing so it will stay soft. I am so excited to see if he likes them!

Made some lemon cookies today, just for fun and also because lemon is my husband's favorite!

Made these yesterday, don’t know if I will ever get them perfectly round

This was a first for me, I got to make a tier cookie cake for a groom. It was a lot of fun and I hope I get another one soon. This cookie was HUGE. It was 16" on bottom and 14" on top. The little things on top are crawfish.

IT TAKES A SECOND TO RETWEET: Deputies searching for 13-year-old Florida girl who didn't come home from school on Friday

made this cake last week and I decided that I'm not fan of painting ganache lol

It's a mini pumpkin cake that I made for fun

Out of 20, got one that looks ok

Made these this past weekend for fun