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Jessica William

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Had a long chat with Arteta this afternoon, he wanted me to let all of you know the club is indeed in safe hands. The snide rats shall leave the club soon. ✌🏾

If Auba bags v brighton & we win top4 is looking possible … big if however

Nah Tony adams has to be on every Arsenal coverage for sky wat a guy

My fckin manager ❤️❤️❤️

Auba has been immense might be his best performance for us

Saka is cute & he’s great at football now what

They was singing Bukayo Saka let the country down 🤣🤣🤣 they’ll be punching up their wives in a few it’s mad

I jus got the craziest adrenaline dump when the whistle went … my head is fried COYG

Partey killer pass


Dele Alli looks like a nitbag that chills in Shoreditch

Coyggg let’s fckin go ❤️

Biggest game of the season and Arsenal fans are running agendas smh

A Xhaka error or red card and the stadium will burn to the ground.

This was the best I’ve seen the emirates in a very long time

The fans at the stadium today will be electric I think that’ll get us over the line v spurs

The gap between Salah & the second best player in the league is massive