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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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Monica Bellucci du jour

Their favorite spot.. 😅

This is a feather star—an ancient species of marine invertebrate

Japanese artist Akie Nakata (known as Akie) turns found stones and rocks into animal paintings

Because most of the images linked to the tragic story on the set of ‘Rust’ are of Alec Baldwin, not the cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, who lost her life today in such a tragic accident. Rest in Power.

👑 Happy birthday to Arsene Wenger who turns 72 today 🔥 He never lost his class on and off the pitch

Edvard Monster Munch

The dog that was dressed in a man’s clothes and sat in the garden with a cat on its lap - 1950s

Kids I want you to meet your new stepfather

More comments on my Autobiography 'And Away' 'I laughed then felt empty' Nick 'I wish that Sports Direct sold meat as well as sports and casual attire" Ron 'Like finding an arsehole at the bottom of your suitcase' Ruth "You can buy it online" Bob

What kind of adapter do I need for this outlet?

My friend's fundraiser - please donate or retweet if you can 🧡

Bizarre Tom Hardy cameo in my dream last night. He was sat shaking and unwell so I brought him a cup of tea and a Rolo yoghurt 😕

Compulsory face coverings and social distancing should be brought back in England to address "unacceptable" rate of Covid infections, doctors say

Every generation gets the Batman it deserves, not the Batman that it wants, and then two additional Batmans.

The Wicker Man - Alternative Poster by Scott Woolston

water under the bridge

Raccoon doesn’t want to share his grapes.. 😅