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Jessica William

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John Doe

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Be4 voting starts..I take God beg every Liquorlion/RoseArmy.Biko stay allergic 2dz app until Friday after 10pm.. voting aggressively shud be ur only bss 🙏 If u nid help..just dm trusted LL/RA..but stay away 4 dz app.Gud luck every1 I sign out✌️

Owk we are waiting oya come.. rubbish desperate pipo...🚮

Tears are nolonger collaborating with me..they are all over my face😭😭😭 thank you guys for going hard for z amazing...let me prepare to vote .

Liqourlions/RoseArmy instead of entertaining agendists dat are clearly trying to distract us. How abt u keep hyping ,praying blessings upon Liquorose & gathering more IUCs 4 finals.. avoid negative energy &wht comes with it.🙏

As long as ur not God..i will not be moved by the negative things u say abt Liquorose.Infact all those words back 2 speaker &sender. God's words upon her lyf are valid!! I cover with the blood of Jesus. Now continue ranting &watch bless &annoint her WINNER

U my Queen Liquorose will do great things, will dine wid Kings & Queens.U will reach places dat u once only dreamt of.U will set a new "HIGH"standard 4 ur fam &more generations 2 come.U will be the reason pipo are motivated 2 work harder &not give up 🙏

Liqourose I speak grace, prosperity, success, favour in ur life.May u be blessed wereva u go & also be a blessing 2 whoever u meet.May everything u touch florish & SucceedMay u always be the HEAD & not the tail.May u always stand out everywea u go.🙏

Stop using reversed physchology. u 2 know Hengel has been rejected.If not why close ur comment it mother f**ker face reality.Wateva u do make sure u keep Liquorose &her fans out if it. She's not the reason Emma doesn't want anything with ur slut🚮.

As u pipo are praising and trolling Liquorose make sure u write her name correctly it's very important 👌.After that We don't mind receiving some valid IUCs and Numbers for next week even trolling her is not for free in dz camp.

Guys I have been trying to get over dz specific pic..But it seems am not only in love with it am INTO love wid it😭and heading to obsession 😭😭😍.Btw how many IUCs en numbers have u gathered today 😒

Liquorlions & RoseArmy getting more IUCs & Numbers to vote nxt week shud be the goal. Do u guys expect heaters to be happy she is winning & breaking records ryt left center?Even I wud be pained😒Ignore trolls en work on how to bring dat money home.

I once again thank God for stanning beautiful,smart 👑 lyk U.I can neva be more greatful becoz u make it so easy u know.. everyday I wake up 2 admire u &love u all over again.Thank u Liquorose 4 that feeling that I get everyday coz not everyone has it.

Ok now as we are all awing and laughing at some pipoz obsessions.Dont forget to vote Emmanuel. Strategic pipo make use of this tym as we are hia destructed to vote for their favs.Plzooo voting closes soon.Don forget

In all dz am glad pipoz colours are coming out while they are still in the house .Atleast Liquorose &Emmanuel will know who to associate with and who not to associate with wen they come out of the house

So small flirting dat Emmanuel did with Angel..she now thinks he is a player .Yet One that even went ahead to kiss her..she told Yousef..he really liked Saskay 😒.Wat a wow.U guys can't tell me nothing Just doesnt know how to say she lyks Emmanuel😏

My dear dz world z funny.Their pain z too much and too obvious 🤣🤣🤣abeg let me go dress in my own dinner dress as I wait to tag along on my gal Liquorose 's date with her baby😁.it's been a long week.