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Hopefully the comment about fully vaxxed students indicates that’ll also be the policy in the near future for all current visa holders (student, work visas etc) if they want to travel home and come back to Aus 😌

you’re hearing it more and more: 🥰🥰🥰

Was kinda hoping it would be 11 Matildas but ok, whatever.

This is a fantastic episode, with thoughtful, nuanced discussion on the culture of Australian women’s football. Brilliant work from , , & addressing a difficult topic sensitively & intelligently

Important comment from Tameka Yallop here - noting while her own time in the Matildas has been positive, "everyone has a different experience and no two experiences are the same".

"Hopefully a lot of positive things come from it." Midfielder Tameka Yallop says Lisa De Vanna's allegations of abuse and harassment have prompted current players to focus on ensuring a safe environment for . She spoke to :

We wanted to take time and care with this episode and make sure we did it right. Hopefully this achieves that. In the reply to the quoted tweet there are some support services listed if you have been affected by this story or the subsequent discussions.

we know we've been a bit quiet but we wanted to make sure we talked about the De Vanna story with the appropriate knowledge, care, and delicacy it deserves. glad I could elaborate on some aspects and threads that didn't make it into my piece, as well.

A serious pod for a serious topic. We cover the last couple of weeks of allegations of abuse, harassment, and a toxic culture in Australian women's football. CW: discussions of abuse, harassment, and bullying

No one is saying players shouldn’t be encouraged to have opinions. Bit of a difference between criticising them for a view on the 6-6-6 rule and criticising them for espousing potentially dangerous vaccination attitudes.

SMFC would like to join the Victorian Football Community in extending our deepest condolences to Anita and the extended Milas family on the passing of Hary Milas. A wonderful referee but an even better person. We thank you for everything H. You will be missed 💔

For someone with a close family member with a serious illness and compromised immune system it staggers me that you wouldn’t get vaccinated. It’s not just about you and your choice.

A reminder of why being vaccinated isn't just about you and freedom of choice is a selfish argument (source: )

Melbourne entertainment venues won't be able to open to fully vaccinated patrons indoors when lockdown ends because of a "typo" in Victoria's COVID-19 roadmap. Story via

You don’t get vaccinated just to protect yourself. You get it so EVERYONE is less likely to get sick. You get it so anyone vaccinated who still has extra risk (like me) is less likely to get it. You get it because it’s so simple to do and incredibly safe.

Lockdown 5 - 14 Jul 2.6 mil doses Lockdown 6 Aug 5 - 3.5 mil doses Today - 8.7 mil doses 66% fully vaccinated, 88% first dose (age 16+) That might have something to do with the lowering of lockdown restrictions.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to pod wrangler extraordinaire, !! Manifesting that our chaotic lil collective get to share pub beers and Olimpico sightings with you soon 🎉💃🍻