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will most likely go recurrent this week. 📢 Even if it does, please don't stop streaming. Butter has a great chance to rank #1 on the Global Digital Single chart if we stay consistent with streams. Stream on ALL platforms.

I have 200 GC codes and I'm open to fund any copy of and You by ØMI (Prod. by SUGA) on the iTunes store. 🇺🇸🇵🇷ARMY, please DM me a screenshot or video of your "Purchased" so I know how many $2 GC codes to give you.

"Sweet Night" by V of is now the most streamed Korean OST on Spotify! Congratulations Taehyung👏

BTS () has been nominated on for four categories! 🏆 Best Group 🏆 Best Pop 🏆 Best Kpop 🏆 Biggest Fans Vote here:

📢 FYI, you can watch the online concert with 2 devices simultaneously with just 1 ticket. So, you can share your ticket with a fellow ARMY if you want to. You can also split up the cost.

"Permission to Dance" has been certified RIAJ Gold for Downloads (100,000), 's third song to achieve this in Japan after "Dynamite" & "Butter"! 📀🇯🇵

. have 3 songs in the Top 10 of Billboard Japan Hot 100 this week, with “Dynamite” re-entering! 🇯🇵

🐨 My heart is fluttering from excitement for the concert! 🐹 We reserved the stadium thinking it'll be an in-person concert. We prepared for it! 🐨 We reserved it many times. 🐱 We must've reserved it 4 times.

ARMY 🟣 PTD Online Concert GIVE AWAY (2) tickets Reqmts: ✔️ RT ✔️ Reply SS STREAMING MY Universe/SUGA Remix. ✔️TAG who you would share ticket with. ✔️ OT7 picture. 🔴DONT SKIP ANY OR IT WONT COUNT. 🔴Do not need to follow me. Ends Oct 24th 2 HRS B4 UNLIMITED ENTRIES🔊

Our 7 said PTD ONLINE gonna be EPIC! I think its time to do 2X Single View HD 🎫 GA!! This is thanks to a generous friend! Open WW 1. SS of you streaming 2. Tell us what song you would recommend a local to turn them ARMY! 3. Closes 8am KST 21st Oct No need to follow

yes it's a pretty good chunk of the song and it's in an entire scene!

I've seen the thing and it's true, BTS is mentioned in and "Friends" opens up a scene 🥲

🐰 You know the VCRs that are shown while we're off stage and changing clothes? BTS: What are you going to say? 🐰 The VCRs for this concert are the best I've ever seen.

ARMY, If you are financially able to, plz buy the ticket for online concert. Let's support BTS to the best of our abilities. If you already bought the ticket, make sure to validate it. 👉

All 7 of their voices blend so well together, and with Chris’. This is me and my three boys’ favourite song. 💜 Phil

It was one of those brilliant moments I’ll always remember. The band fleshed it out together and then Chris went to Seoul for 48 hours (most of the time in a quarantine hotel). RM did an amazing job with the Korean lyrics, and SUGA and j-hope totally nailed the breakdown. Phil

About 18 months ago, I mentioned to Chris that some members of had said they were into our band, and I’d heard a rumour they might like to collaborate. 4 months later he called me super-excited - ‘I’ve got the song for BTS!’ - and played the demo over the phone. Phil

has gone recurrent. It became the — Longest running #1 song of 2021 (10 wks) — Longest running #1 song by an Asian Act — Second longest running #1 song of this DECADE Keep streaming ALL versions of 'Butter' and buy (if you can) so it tops IFPI Global digital song chart.

🇺🇸 | Billboard Hot 100: Week 3 #18. My Universe — Keep streaming ALL versions of and buy (if you can). This the only song currently charting on Hot 100. Stream as well.

'Sweet Night' needs ∼6K streams to become the MOST streamed Korean OST on Spotify. Let's get it. ▶️