Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

If anyone is looking for any type of graphics made for them, feel free to message me. Can do; Teamsheets, Signatures, Twitter Banners, and more. DM me for more info.

S49 FA WM/WAM FB if the person infront of me has hands Have Europe RT appreciated


Right so change of plans! Seems like I’m going to be stuck at mine over the weekend with Shannon and the kids so there will be a stream today, tomorrow and maybe Sunday. Going to start around 5ish and streaming for about 5-6 hours! Weekend league starts today 😁

Thank you to everyone who jumped in and watched the stream today 😁 no stream tomorrow and no stream Saturday as I’m going to Shannon’s but will be back on Sunday to play all 20 games in the weekend league will be doing some long streams as well with hopefully a webcam 👀

Thank you for the amazing support yesterday everyone! We got into the elite division but damn my team is poor compared to everyone I’m facing 😆 I’ll be live again today from playing rivals then from half 7pm I’ll be in goal for sociedad

Sorry guys had to finish the stream early as the baby is teething so helping with the lil one ❤️ see you guys and girls tomorrow

Cactus W never fail to run a good Tourny

Free for 🌵 DM/CM

Great stream today! Thank you to everyone who joined and supported the stream today I appreciate you. Sadly lost in the draft final and division 1 is hard with a RTG team when you’re coming up against cr7 and mbappes constantly 😭 no stream tomorrow but I’ll see y’all Tuesday ❤️

Decent start to the weekend league 2-0. Will be streaming every game this weekend on my twitch

Let’s play some rivals 😁 come follow the stream and support me with my road to glory team 😁

Going live in 10 minutes come watch me on will probably play a fut draft as well today!

Thank you to everyone who tuned in and supported the stream 😁 will be live again tomorrow from 4pm till 10 ❤️

Going live at 5pm uk time. Will be starting off with some FUT then playing pro clubs from half 7 till 9 with sociedad. Come watch me on I would appreciate any follows and retweets as well see you soon 😁

Another good stream today. Thanks to everyone who watched 😁 sorry I had to finish a bit early had to help with lil one ❤️

Really enjoyed the stream today hopefully I can sort out getting a camera and decent set up before Christmas but thank you to everyone who jumped in and watched today!

Going to start streaming tomorrow and will be mainly streaming fifa! I don’t have a camera yet but I’m planning to get one. I’m going to try stream 4-5 days a week from 5pm-11pm! I will mainly be streaming FUT but will also stream my Vfl games/sessions.

Selling FUT coins 120k Xbox, retweets appreciated

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FA for new fifa, 11s and VFL rts appreciated