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Jessica William

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Glad reminded me about it Read it when I was younger but it hits much harder now

People will constantly reference Orwell or Huxley but That Hideous Strength is the dystopian novel or our times CS Lewis captures the omnipresent, methodical, and banal evil of technocracy like no one else

A perpetual excuse for lockdowns and austerity helps with managing the decline

Dave Chappell trashes white people but makes a few lame but un-PC jokes about transgenderism so conservatives claim him as a hero An NBA player criticizes Nike for its ties to China while praising Nike's stance on BLM and LGBT so conservatives claim him as a hero Please stop

Chappelle runs cover in the special by saying the only people he actually hates are white people but mainstream conservatives are paid to pretend this doesn’t exist so they fall over themselves to sing his praises

Conservatives stop rushing to defend someone who hates you challenge (impossible)

Progressives are now going with “she was in a public school bathroom so she was basically asking for it”

They inevitably extend this logic to their enemies

The only question now is how long does it take America’s remaking institutions to fall and how messy is the aftermath 5/5

Restoring faith in institutions is a centrist fantasy Progressives burned all remaining credibility by demanding that men be treated as women, people lose their jobs for not taking an experimental vaccine, and rioters are okay as long as they have the right politics 4/

The regime has drunk its own kool aid, swallowed its own noble lie , that’s why so many leftist are giddy at their new found discovery that hard power works and they are the only ones allowed to wield it Unaware that there is a cost 3/

Hard power is always tempting, the results are immediate and satisfying, the defeat and humiliation of your enemies, but it has a high cost The power is obvious and brittle, constantly inspiring and vulnerable to opposition 2/

Originally the GAE were masters of soft power, incredibly valuable for the stability and resilience that trusted institutions wield, but those now running the machine are impulsive children who couldn’t control their desire to immediately punish their enemies 1/

If you’re calling for a return to the neutral marketplace of ideas you are seeking to return to a fantasy that never existed

Did you think there were no sins of intellect?- CS Lewis

Those that scoff at the idea of demons are often the first to make sacrifices in their name

What if it’s essentially the same gig?

In the total state the regime owns your children