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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

This is now a Dawson Mercer/New Jersey Devils fan account. At least until Montreal gets their shit straight.

Dear people-who-did-not-know-before-now: The Norse settling in L'anse Aux Meadows 500 years BEFORE Columbus "discovered" America is nothing new. Thanks for catching up. Sincerely, Canada - specifically Newfoundland and Labrador

Wooooo!! What a fuckin’ pass by slick Nick. 2-1

As soon as Gallagher’s goal got called back I knew they were fucked. They needed that goal to start this game.

Holy fuck man!!🤬🤬🤬

Marty Biron’s eyes. Now, that there’s a tweet.

Finger Art Artist unknown

Never too early for this one

Honey, are you okay? You've barely touched your baby shower cake

Might just be the way my brain works, but doesn’t it seem like this would have been the logical thing to do from day one? Wear a fucking helmet? Provincial Government Announces New Off-Road Vehicle Legislation

When you have the option of sausage or bologna, always pick bologna.

Ohhhh buddy!! Breakfast…is served.

Starting something called the Momentum Movement. Laugh at the haters, laugh at the liars, laugh at the ones who wanna bring you down. Drown out the negativity with raucous hilarity and make everyone around you better for it. There’s too many Doug and Debbie downers in here.

Your mind is like a parachute; if it isn’t open, it doesn’t work. -Buzz Aldrin

Starting off my day in the same place I finished last night. Sitting in a dirt lot in the centre of the city waiting on a hoe. A backhoe that is. Good Thursday morning Tweeple. I hope everything you wish for comes to be today. Be good to one another. Love the animals✌️❤️💀🤘

When you boil a funny bone it becomes a laughing stock

Weird is wonderful.