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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Hey! I have a website! Y’all should check it out and subscribe so I can fill your inbox with definitely not spam but maybe Spam (probably not). Here’s a link to my updated art pages: I also write a creative life blog (Or I will be again soon)

New fabrics just acquired for masks. Can make four from each square. Kids sizes now available.

So, sometime I reached 23K followers. Y'all. I cannot tell you how humbled I am. It makes my heart happy with all the fuzzy feels. So...I'm gonna do a giveaway of all 5 of my books signed and packaged super cute. Just hit the heart to enter by Oct. 1

Losing You - Book 2 in the Fairfield trilogy is coming. Have you read the first yet?

I have a ton of these masks that need homes. Oh and the pumpkins glow.

Digging through stuff to find my mask sewing pattern and finding all the random art things I still available.

Got me a smol boi pumpkin cream cold brew this rainy morning. Have at least a million things to do this week. But busy is good.

Sssoooo it’s going to be one of THOSE days today, eh? 4 is NOT in the mood for literally anything today. It’s gonna be a long day. And this mama has mask orders to fill. 🙃

Will post results tomorrow.

Making halloween shirts with the kids today. 😍💀

They just want a hug. And I’m gonna give it to them. No way I will regret it.

You want to help me with a writing experiment you may never see the results of? Then give me: An occupation An object or location And maybe a sci-fi sub-genre if you're up for it

Would be cool if physical pain didn’t constantly plague my stupid body so I could get half of the things I need/want to do done.

Soccer mom liiiiife

TikTok: “Six feet tall and super strong. We always get along” Me: