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Jessica William

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Oh my hoos have disappeared and I've now got these two weirdos who smell and sound the same as my hoos. We're going to the Halloween pub quiz so I'd better get my pumpkin outfit on!

I'm waiting for tasty sausages in the Pavillion café in Ashton Gardens.

I've been tricked! 😡 I don't usually eat until lunchtime or until I've been out (unless there's a sausage or bacon to be had). Humum wanted me to eat before Aunty Marjorie comes so she made me think unicorn was stealing my chicken. I just had to clear my plate!

Oh go on then, hudad, you may tickle my tummy. Happy Thursday everyone. Humum's birthday celebrations continue. Her friend, my lovely Aunty Marjorie, is visiting us today.

From the lovely JB who always calls me Pumpkin.

Oooh cake time...more please!

Oooh zoomies with Father Christmas....I'm so happy my hoos are home. Although, I did get meatballs at auntie's house. 😋

My humum has been thoroughly surprised and overwhelmed at all the beautiful birthday wishes that have been sent today by my terrific twitterpals. Thank you've made an old lady very happy 😊. PS those hoos are out on the town and I'm at aunties, next door.

A blustery walk on the prom, with my big coat on. Ooh those waves are crashing in, right now!

Birthday lunch with The Hoos! I'm hoping they've ordered something to share with me! – at The Queens Hotel

Happy Birthday to my lovely Humum. Here I am modelling her new hat and scarf which I advised Hudad to buy. What do you think?

And of course from Hudad xxx

Whoooo hoooo, the hoos only flippin did it!

Humum won a bottle of wine with this winning card in the music bingo. It's her birthday tomorrow, too!

After 2 rounds and the music round, my hoos have held their lead. Go hoos!

Not many teams in this evening. Anyway, hoos are doing well after Round One. Our favourite question from this round was: What nationality is the chef in the Muppets?

Fed & watered and feeling a tad sleepy now. Hoos, just get on with that quiz please!

Girls delivered home safely. Now it's our usual Tuesday night out. When is the quiz starting? You've only put water in my bowl, when is the food coming? Have you biscuits in your pocket? Feed me please!

A walk around Fairhaven with the youngest two hoogranddaughters...and some homework completed for the 6 Yr old, about wartime, with the spitfire info boards.