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Jessica William

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Breaking: Taliban to announce the construction of a Trump Tower as part of the deal to regain control of Afghanistan.

Breaking: House Democrats just passed the Extending Government Funding and Delivering Emergency Assistance Act to provide funding through Dec. 3 to avert a government shutdown and to increase the debt limit. It was party line vote. 220-211. No Republican votes.

I love how people act like we had 0 troops in any country anywhere until Biden took office.

There's no right or wrong answer. I was just wondering.

The way things are looking trump tower will be renamed Dominion Tower 🤣

Mitch McConnell says the GOP will vote for the U.S. to default on its debt.

For those that asked why I was not posting much lately... I took a vacation. We all need to take a break occasionally. Never underestimate the importance of mental health.

Mitch McConnell 2 years ago: “America can't default. That would be a disaster” McConnell today: About to force America’s very 1st default Remember why we are here in the 1st place: This Koch-sponsored Russian asset & Trump gave billionaires a $1.7 TRILLION tax cut

Now that Afghanistan is out of the news cycle, do you still care about it?

Should I run for Congress?

Jamie Raskin on the January 6th committee says they are learning facts daily on how the insurrection was organized, planned, and financed daily. With new evidence coming in. Rep. Bennie Thompson says subpoenas will be issued within a week.

It's getting to the point where I will share a link to an indictment from the Justice Department and people will respond WHERE IS MERRICK GARLAND. I agree the DoJ has issues, but this knee-jerk, blind disdain has got to stop.

So I’m going to need to see President Biden deliver a humdinger tomorrow on how badly the Haitians at Del Rio were treated today while being deported. I don’t give a shit what it’s for, it’s 2022 and we shouldn’t ever see that imagery anymore. Those are human beings.

So, y'all telling me Haitians went and purchased shirts that says..."Biden Please Let Us In"

Eight months in office and President Biden has only been out on the course once. How's he supposed to get any golfing done if he keeps doing all this Presidenting? Guy needs to get his priorities in order.

BREAKING: Missouri’s Chief Disciplinary Counsel asks the Supreme Court to suspend the law licenses of the infamous St. Louis couple who were pardoned after waiving guns at Black Lives Matter protesters who walked past their home. RT IF YOU THINK THEIR LICENSES MUST BE SUSPENDED!

MAGA rioter arrested after boasting to acquaintance of being just feet away from Ashli Babbitt before she was shot

Fun fact: an annual 0.3% wealth tax on the top 10% — similar to the one that exists in Switzerland — would fund the entire $3.5 trillion bill

This is the six-point plan advanced by Trump lawyer John Eastman for VP Pence to overturn the election on January 6th.