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Jessica William

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Join us next week at 1:00PM CST on October 26th for the NCTR Dialogues - Reconciliation and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. For more information visit:

Here for the projection installation at the and a screening of Picking Up the Pieces at the Frankfurt Film Institute as part of the

My visit to The Canadian Museum for Human Rights in was an examination of what art, education & diplomacy can do when led by values : promoting new rights, protecting the ones we inherited, educate oneself and others and fight to prevent abuses.

We love these fall colours! Thanks docsherv_photography (Instagram) for this beautiful !

Employers: Sign up for tomorrow to learn about the benefits of having an inclusive workforce and how your business can create accessibility at all stages of employment.  

In celebration of , we would like to highlight our employment agency partners in ! , , , & : Thank you for promoting the success of employees on the spectrum & with an intellectual disability!

October is Disability Employment Awareness month. Stay up to date on events and information here! If you are looking to recruit employees contact [email protected]

The legacy of is that we are 46 women Senators today. But race, class and ableist biases excluded many women from the victory. Our legacy includes the need to keep working to make 🍁 fair, just, inclusive & equal for all

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for our first inaugural ! Wednesday during is a day to celebrate Disabled Aspecs and draw attention to the challenges & discriminations we face within the broader Ace community. Please share + follow this space for ways to get involved!

We're having different community members "takeover" our Twitter for each day of Ace Week this year! We're thrilled about the folks we have lined up, but still have a few spots to fill. Any suggestions? We're especially looking for BIPOC and/or Disabled aces!

“Why is it, that it's somehow okay to send continuous hate mail and hate DMs to people if they are queer because you don't agree with their existence?"—This is Summeiya's story.

Don't miss this event by the with , a survivor of Canada’s LGBT Purge and a former Canadian Armed Forces officer. The Purge was the longest-running and largest-scale violation of the human rights of any workforce in Canadian history.

🗣HAPPENING TODAY: We're celebrating the 4th Anniversary of the viral hashtag . Follow us on Instagram + tune in for our "Live with 'me too.' "convo at 12 PM ET to hear more about what this moment means for us, survivor justice, + how we collectively go !

Photo: Sarah Morris, Getty Images

On this anniversary day, we highly encourage you to follow , visit or get 's new book Unbound: My Story of Liberation and the Birth of the Me Too Movement.

Today, the organization continues to focus on assisting a growing spectrum of survivors and addressing systems that allow for the proliferation of sexual violence, specifically against members of the Black, queer, trans, disabled and people of colour communities.

Ten years later, became a viral hashtag with millions of people using the phrase around the world.

Today is the anniversary of the hashtag trending on social media. Civil rights activist founded the organization in 2006 to support survivors of sexual violence, particularly young Black women and girls of low wealth communities.

Calling all youth in Canada: Imagine what Reconciliation can look like in your community or at your school. 15 project ideas will receive grants of $750-$1500 to help make it happen and 12 art pieces will be featured in a special art book. Find out more: