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Jessica William

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seventeen’s hit (not the song) songs aren’t even on my top tier list🤧🤚🏻 its always the bside tracks

seungcheol's team chose joshua as the one who's holding the heavy box but he's just holding a light box 😭 and the gose editors put the picture of shua saying " surprise"

[GOING SEVENTEEN] EP.23 부족오락관 #1 (Tribal Games #1) ▶

mingyu as dinosaur is the cutest 😭😭😭


now watching: squid game

They're really THAT obsessed with us omg how come they're so updated with everything we do? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 😭😭😭

Soonwoo my precious gems 🥺🥺

[SEVENTEEN SNAPSHOOT] EP.7 싸우는 건 어려워 (Fighting is Hard) ▶

🥣 #6 [FULL] Duration: 01:05:15 Quality: 720-1080p 🔗 *Please do not mention the name of the show *Refrain from reposting the link *Do not mention official accounts, thank you

2 days before their 1 year together as ENHYPEN, we received great news that ENHYPEN has recovered. 🥺🤍 With it comes the announcement that 1ST STUDIO ALBUM will be released in October. Gear up, ENGENEs. Let’s give them the successful comeback they deserve. 🔥

6/6 members are already fully recovered from covid 😭😭😭 to jake, jay, jungwon, heeseung, sunghoon and ni-ki thank you for coming home safe. we all miss you 😭 you fought so well our enhypen.

jake is a covid-19 survivor. jungwon is a covid-19 survivor. jay is a covid-19 survivor. heeseung is a covid-19 survivor. sunghoon is a covid-19 survivor. ni-ki is a covid-19 survivor. sunoo remained negative. STRONG BOYS. happy recovery . 🤍😭

enhypen, our strongest warriors!! you fought well 🤍

the eldest and the youngest in hiphop unit everyone

"anak tingin dito, picturan muna kita,,,,ay ang cute oh"

“I think we’ll always be childish when we’re together” i’m 🥺🥺🥺

he's definitely drunk at this moment 😭