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Jessica William

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25 yr old grad student who wants to be a doctor is missing. Help spread the word, y'all.

Case in point: my niece Tiffany who's been missing since March 2, 2021. Haven't seen GMA, CNN, MSNBC, etc. lead with her story. I mean, she's young and pretty too....

Grassley’s statement, when considered with reporting that Pence refused to get into a car to be evacuated from the Capitol on 1/6, makes you wonder if Pence had Grassley’s statement in his mind.

Oh, look, everybody. It’s all ok because they’re just beating defenseless people with reins, not whipping them with whips. Nothing to see here, then, I guess. 🙄😤

The filibuster isn’t just absent from the Constitution—it’s blatantly unconstitutional. Here's why:

On 12/1, the Supreme Court will hear a case that will give Brett Kavanaugh the chance to revoke the constitutional privacy rights of ALL women (not just those in Texas). Yet, we still know NOTHING about what disqualifying information may in the the FBI has. REALLY???

. is building a wall. It’s not the one he promised.

710 Indigenous People, Mostly Girls, Missing in Wyoming, Where Gabby Petito Disappeared.

12 confirmed cases in my class of 30. Public health’s response: DO. NOT. CLOSE. I cannot believe I’m being asked to go back in tomorrow and teach a class of 18 when it’s clear there is a major outbreak! What can I do?!😭

This is another horrific event. I am praying for the safety of all students, teachers & staff.

BREAKING NEWS: Apple CEO Tim Cook pledges that Apple will pay all travel expenses for its Texas employees who are forced to travel out-of-state for abortions. RT IF YOU SUPPORT APPLE’S MOVE!

I kind of feel like not enough people realize we are potentially headed to a government shutdown in less than 2 weeks in the middle of a pandemic that is killing 2,000 Americans a day.

I don’t know much about her case, but let’s get the same energy going to help locate as we did for

anyway if you’re a dude and you’re out with the boys and one of the boys gropes and slurs come ons and things like “you’re not gay are you” at your waitress, the correct response is not to tell the waitress “ignore him.” harassment isn’t trivial

America has a poverty problem. So in 2017, why did Senate leadership vote for a GIGANTIC TAX BREAK for the wealthiest Americans at a time when they LEAST needed it while America’s people suffered as poverty levels rose through the roof? (Stealing from on .)

I really wish yall non healthcare folk understood the straight up apocalyptic vibe in hospitals right now.

I believe we can flip Texas blue.💙🌊 RT IF YOU DO TOO.

I called my cable provider and asked for Fox, OAN, and NewsMax to be removed from my channel lineup or a refund - I got $15 deducted from my monthly bill. Try it. It was easy. If enough people do this, providers will pass the $ pressure to Fox or even drop them. RETWEET.