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Our official Opening Title Sequence for is HERE! Check out our article below and keep an eye out for the series release on February 4, 2022 on ! LEARN MORE:

Quick note regarding our opening title for . A new rad intro is in the works! Ultimately it was not quite ready for air, and I’m a firm believer in making sure we are proud of whatever we release. I made the call to hold until we were happy with the final product!

Fun little bit of C3 info under the Spoilers cut! . . . . (1/6)

RUBIK'S® Cube: Critical Role is available now! The chance to wind up the Mighty Nein and find out what happens is now in your hands. Featuring eye-catching illustrations by artist Elena Muñoz. 💙 ✨

As we said so many times - abandon expectations; all bets are off. C3 is truly gonna be a wild ride! Thank you all for tuning in last night. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

And finally, Sir Bertrand Bell played by gives his formal introduction to the party. Art by

Adventuring with him is Fearn played by and Orym played by . Art by

Familiar travelers also make their journey to Jrusar with special guest leading the charge as Dorian! Art by

The next leg of our adventure finds us with Ashton played by and Fresh Cut Grass (F.C.G) played by . Art by

LET’S MEET OUR ADVENTURING PARTY! Our journey kicks off with Imogen played by and Laudna played by ! Art by |

Tonight’s Campaign 3 Premiere is sponsored by and Fool’s Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds, based on the popular animated series ! Explore a deadly jungle where fun is guaranteed and death is VERY likely. Check it out at !

Tonight’s FIRST episode of Campaign 3 kicks off in about an hour! Join us as the paths of numerous wanderers converge to begin a new adventure within the Exandrian realm of Marquet. Join us!

The adventure begins SOON! Join us in 2 hours on both Twitch and YouTube! ➡️ ➡️

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If you have a passion for gaming, check out our publishing company ! Our first game is available right now! We have many exciting things on the horizon, such as the gorgeous Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn.🎨 LEARN MORE:

Can’t watch live? The VOD will be available immediately for Twitch subscribers. We also rebroadcast Critical Role on Fridays at 12am and 9am Pacific, and the VOD hits YouTube the following Monday at 12pm Pacific. ➡️ ➡️

Connect with our community live on Twitch with our professionally moderated chat! You can hide chat from the Twitch dashboard at any time. You can also chat with other Critters on our fan-led communities on Reddit, FB, and Discord!

Speaking of spoilers, during tonight’s broadcast we will be sharing long-awaited character art as it is revealed on stream. If that is something you’d like to avoid, please consider muting that hashtag and avoiding our Twitter account this evening.

Participate live with the community on Twitter during tonight’s show by using AND . Using the spoiler hashtag gives others who are unable to watch live the option of muting the hashtag to avoid unwanted spoilers.