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Jessica William

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we clowned ourselves real bad!🤡🤡

We hope you're enjoying ❤️ Stay tuned for his upcoming Twitter chat later this week!

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Kihyun, can you go into snoring dorm and wake up Hyungwon, whole Monbebe world waiting for him here

Hyungwon, do you know that Kihyun is obsessed with you like me? 😏

Me thinking what should I ask Hyungwon about, to get his attention

안경 자주자주 쓰고 갈게여!!!!

남았으니까 또 올려야지 🐹 오늘도 설레버렸다…🤦🏻‍♀️ 내일은 아이엠과 둘이 만나요! 밤 10시 체크인🗝