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I agree. No one should have to make the difficult choice between having to go to work sick or stay home without pay. Justin Trudeau should reconvene the House of Commons so we can make sure every worker has access to paid sick leave and save lives.

NEW: The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation tells me Prime Minister ’s remarks during his visit with yesterday that the federal govt has turned over all residential school records to the NCTR were “not accurate.” They do not have the records.

Congratulations on the 133rd Anniversary of the Chinese Freemasons of Vancouver and the 103rd Anniversary of the Dart Coon Club of Vancouver. Delighted to represent Historic Town & Park this evening and in great pandemic fashion, forgot my namecards.

If the election was so urgent, why hasn't Trudeau urgently recalled parliament?

I challenge to drink out of Iqaluit's water taps, and all other taps across these lands that have a water boil advisory. After all, your father told my family that we would always be treated like Canada's.

As TRIPS waiver talks continue at the WTO, it’s time for the Canadian government to adopt a strong stance in support of patent waivers for COVID-19 vaccines. The world is watching, and we should be on the right side of history. Read my media release here:

Excellent initiative. Treating addiction as a health issue means investing in treatment. B.C. spends $132M on treatment services for substance use, recovery |

October is Int’l Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The WHO has stated breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in the world, and no family is untouched. Let’s commit to increasing research, screening, education and information to help save lives.

. Time is running out. Put an end to France's legal persecution of innocent . Tell France NO 2nd .

The NDP has consistently called for Canada to support the TRIPS waiver so that all countries may have access to the IP & technology to produce COVID vaccines. It’s a matter of fundamental equity and public health.

Exactly. Efficacious but Canada has yet to convince the US.

Norway is an oil economy. They have heavily invested their wealth in renewables. They will have 100% electric vehicles by 2022. Meanwhile in Canada, the government makes promises but is not moving in any credible manner towards the renewable economy.

Gotta say, has a good point here. Trudeau government warns against travelling ... seriously.

This is welcome news. However, the US still hasn’t agreed to admit Canadians who received mixed vaccines (eg. AstraZeneca + Pfizer/Moderna). This must be fixed ASAP for the 1.6 million people who relied on government guidance.

More fun with . Using the package personagraph to provide a visualization of the national popular vote in

Gratitude to our health care teams - in critical care, acute care, long-term care/assisted living and in the community who are working so hard on this Thanksgiving.

Mental health is every bit as important to overall health as physical health. Yet Canada spends significantly less on mental health than most OECD nations. It’s time to ensure every Canadian gets the care they need through our public health system.

Althia Raj has the inside story on how Justin Trudeau’s Liberals called an unnecessary election, blew a big lead, got 400,000 fewer voters than last time and spun it as a win