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Jessica William

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I feel like a player who just wants to be traded, doesn't matter where, isn't necessarily forcing his way out. He's just calling it quits. Maybe it's just semantics but I feel like there's a distinct difference

I feel like players who provide a list of the team/teams they want to go to are forcing their way out. Bc that paints their team in a corner where theyre forced to work with those defined assets on those desired teams.

Ok so this article has me thinking. Is a player who just wants to be traded, with no set destination in mind, really forcing his way out or just calling it quits?

Mexican community members have been feeding and aiding Haitian refugees. 🇲🇽 x 🇭🇹✊🏾✊🏽📸: @/bellikemike

Drake told J Cole how he felt about that bronze/3rd place line on the Pipe Down Freestlye

21 years ago today. Never gets old. Vince Carter threw down one of the greatest dunks of all time 🤯

“So you see why I had to punch Steve?”

“If you take off those shoes you can win 3 more rings like me”

“here’s my essay from the latest episode of “back on the record,” a look at guys who just can’t keep their dumb to themselves.”

How long could you last in the ring with if he couldn't make a fist? 🤔 break down the Canelo-Plant press conference "fight," and conclude that boxers really do be boxing

the nba reviewing andrew wiggins’ vaccine exemption request

Yeah man Freestyle the coldest shit Lil Baby ever did in his life I don't care kiss my ass so what

"You don't know God like that, stop lying"

Spinning this and thinking about how Charlie Brown thought *he* was the star of LONS and how that blew that group up. Busta was right there and Charlie Brown thought *he* was the star. All that damn charisma Busta had and Charlie Brown ain't have shit but some damn jean jackets

Remix runs laps around the original. Respectfully.