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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

If they do, you need to ask where from and become friends with those neighbors.

Perfect Attendance awards in elementary school were an early deposit of the idea that taking time off is “bad.”

My trade in box has apparently been delivered. I am not feeling like walking downstairs to retrieve it.

Hmmmm. My refill arrived today. Seems to be two toothpastes instead of one, by the bulk of the package.

Well, won’t finish the timed research. Planned in finding 4 fashion faux pas battles after work. Would prefer not walking 2 miles in this stupid rain.

Ok. So. New plans for after work. Just climb the stairs 40 or 50 times. Cause we ain’t going out.

Now that sounds fun. Then again, I will always stop and watch a rerun of any of the Stargate shows when I’m flipping through channels.

This was a thing? Now I feel my life will never be complete. Come on Quantum Leap…but with out the “oh boy”.

oh, good morning twitterers!

I’d like to thank you all for tolerating my live tweet of live tweet of Jennifer’s Body (2009). Next up: I’m going to bed.

I mean…Courtney Love. Her entire set at the HFStival I went to in the 90s was her starting a song, being dissatisfied with the crowd response, yelling “f you all!” And…well, that was it. 😂🤣 I also watched Primus from on stage. So that was good.

Ha! Last weekend I walked into my favorite local coffee spot, and the barista had this song blaring. Went to turn it down and I stopped her. It’s a great song.

I remember when shot from a nearby hill pix of this scene were leaked and everyone thought it was for a new Transformers movie. Nobody could explain why a transformers movie would have Mikaela skinny dipping.

I mean, yeah. But it’s like :45 of the movie. Then it goes back into another Heathers like loop.