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Jessica William

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I hope you'll check out my new newsletter and subscribe for free today! My first issue talks about why we owe our Afghan allies our support. FPWellman Unfiltered #1 - The one about Uday lookalikes, cold sheep, and Google by via

Trump is admitting to breaking Georgia law.

If you support and follow a woman and her supporters who go after people’s kids on this platform and don’t see the moral failure I don’t care what party you are…get the fuck off my timeline. There are absolutely shitty people on both sides of the aisle. I don’t want either.

This is straight-up authoritarian propaganda. They’re brainwashing viewers to see fellow citizens who disagree with them politically as enemy combatants — which means they’re conditioning them to resort to violence against the “enemy” if they need to

Matt Gaetz is a racist. Stop pretending this trust fund loser isn’t just a drug addled racist.

Wasting all of your party budget, ignoring local races, and losing statewide races. Kelli Ward is an absolute train wreck of a leader. What did they expect though? Maricopa Republicans call on Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward to resign over election "lies"

Larry Elder got about a quarter of the votes cast in the California recall, and the media keeps trying to spin it as a huge success. The Democratic candidate for governor of Texas got 42.5% of the vote in 2018. Did we get breathless stories about that? Can you even name them?

These are repeated and consistent violations of FEC regulations and campaign finance laws. She is using supporters donations as a piggy bank.

That's not a thing. None of this is a thing. How this nutcase keeps getting elected is baffling.

Looks like I moved back to my hometown just in time.

41% of the unvaccinated say they'd get the shot if it was required to take a flight. President Biden should DEFINITELY do this.

It doesn’t “raise the stakes”. It shows they are completely fraudulent and meant to undermine our democracy. The GOP is actively attacking our Republic. I’m so tired of this soft ball framing. There is no reason for any of these bullshit “audits.”

Aside from the stereotype and stigma…his beard is impeccable.

Please take a measly 44-seconds. The children will save us...

Happy birthday and thank you for your support and partnership for our democracy. It was the thrill of a lifetime to collaborate with you and see my words and ideas turned into your call to action. (Thank your lovely wife and daughter for putting up with me too!)

The entire thing was a sham run by idiots. The goal was never “decertifying” the election. This was about stealing the next election. They have now figured out multiple ways to undermine the process. This is a rolling coup.