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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

alr so i dont wanna give people Whire refs all the time so ill just post this picture of Whire over here just incase yall want to draw him :] (i love fanart a lot btw) if you ARE going to draw him please @ me so i can see it :D might update the ref but i suck at drawing lmfao

Off to sleep Good night everyone!! πŸ’œ (mutuals only cause why not)

So starting Monday I might get 2 weeks off of school cause of covid SOOO I thought the best idea would be to stream me playing some fnf games!! Now before u start listing any mods for me to play... Who can I commission for some pngtuber shit? :]

Please don't do this That's fucking creepy as fuck

YOO CONGRATS ON 900 now everyone do me a favor and follow ayybeff if u haven't already Get em to 1000!!

Chocolate raisins are so good dawg holy shit

Ayo romania really out here copying big ben

I'm outta schoo

I wanna make it clear I've finally made up my mind I'll finish vs whire and the expansion update And leave fnf Vs whire will be my one and only project fnf wise Don't worry I'll add enough content for yall to enjoy it lmao

Why's everyone changing back to normal already lmao Should I also stop being spooky?

Ayo I'm actually getting pretty close to 800 😳 Tysm for the support! πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Sorry for the semi venting in the previous tweet Honestly I was just curious

Random thought I just wanna know Am I being way too nice? Like to the point it gets annoying? Idk it feels like being nice all the time can make me seem annoying

Update: I made it to school in time despite waking up really late

Good morning! Not having the greatest time lmao I woke up extremely late for school and now I'm waiting for the bus Whats up? :]

Alr I'm goin to sleep Gn everyone! Ly all πŸ’œ

Do me a favor and follow cel if u haven't already Very talented and cool!! :]

Vs whire is not a mod btw It's the sequel of fnf

Alright that's kinda funny It's 7pm and I'm tired af I'm gonna go to sleep or watch more videos Either way good night!! Ily all πŸ’œ Yall are awesome :]

Damn I'm loved AND appreciated? πŸ˜­πŸ’œπŸ’œ