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hi everyone twitter suspended my account, TheGNRGirl and I don’t know if I’ll ever get it back. this is very upsetting to me please rt this tweet if you like Guns N’ Roses so I can find and follow all of you again, and if you liked my old account, maybe you can follow me back

You can now pre-order a physical copy of new single ‘Hard Skool’ 7” Vinyl with ABSUЯD (Live): CD with ABSUЯD, Don’t Cry (Live), and You’re Crazy (Live): Cassette with same tracks as the CD:

so the next show is in Baltimore and it’s on Sunday following this band and all the Hard Skool hype, it hasn’t even sunken in yet that I’ll actually be there lol

ABSUЯD and Hard Skool. Two songs in two months. That’s the most amount of new music I’ve ever gotten (officially) from my favorite band in my nine years of being a fan. That may not mean much to some, but it means a lot to me. It’s a pretty good day to be a Guns N’ Roses fan.

schools around the world will now be able to play this song over the speakers this morning, complete with school bell ring and all listen to Guns N’ Roses new single ‘Hard Skool’ here:

It’s just surreal to me that people around the world are listening to a song that was once titled Checkmate and then Jackie Chan (as stated by Axl himself) and all that existed was a 16-second clip. It’s been a LONG time coming and I’m happy for all of us.

Hard Skool has officially been released. It’s been a long road, but it’s FINALLY (officially) here! Enjoy!

Guns N’ Roses is the only band on the planet that will have a new single out 30 minutes East Coast time (and already out in the rest of the world) and will not even so much as mention it at their show. I should be mad, but honestly it’s so on-brand I have to laugh.

What an amazing day. Part of the fun for me is seeing how overjoyed everyone is that this actually came out. We have waited for so long. I’ve said before that being a Guns N’ Roses fan is THE most frustrating thing to be a fan of, but sometimes…it does pay off.

I know we’ve all listened to Hard Skool a hundred times already, but when the song (officially) drops at midnight in your time zone, be sure to stream it! This is a big deal and we want this song to do well!

The snippet leak in 2006, the Axl chats in 2008, the extended leak in 2019 followed by the full song leak, the Spotify algorithm, that girl meeting Axl, the Slash TikTok, the LinkShare going live… it’s all led up to today I’m still in shock but we fucking made it

on behalf of literally everyone, THANK YOU

Hard Skool is going to be a HIT. I always knew it would be. I’m so excited for all the positive press and acclimation the band is going to be receiving on a global scale. What a victory for us all. I’m so happy.

All I can say is…WE MADE IT GUYS! I NEVER gave up hope on this song; not since the day it leaked two years ago and not even before then when all we had was a little snippet. It’s surreal that we have it now officially from the band. God I am so happy.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT ‘Hard Skool’ by Guns N’ Roses has officially been released in New Zealand THIS IS NOT A DRILL

🔥 Hard Skool es INMINENTE Hace unas horas se activó el linkfire de Hard Skool, donde se publicarán los enlaces para escuchar la canción. Los únicos links que funcionan son /absurd y /hardskool, cualquier otro arroja un error 404. ¿El link?

Okay. So. Now I am 99.9% sure that Hard Skool really is fucking coming and I do believe it will be sooner rather than later Nothing is confirmed yet obviously but they are preparing for it We’re almost there, I can’t believe it

this article is slightly incorrect because Hard Skool has never been performed live but anyway, iHeartRadio reporting this is pretty…huge