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Jessica William

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The River King solely cares about your addiction to his looks tonight. 🎨

the YCH has ended

Quick Rules: -The finished piece will be flat shaded -You must be 18 or older to participate -Characters have to be male -Characters will be roughly the sizes shown in the sketch -Characters can't be or look underage -Characters shouldn't be human if possible -Rule34 possible

Some extra infos: The first picture will be the party of heroes facing the demon lord. Each winner gets to choose a look for their character and a class that fits the sketch. In the second picture the winners may add some demonic corruption to their character if the want to.

I'm doing a new Halloween themed YCH this year. To spice things up this year you will get two pictures for the price of one! The YCH will be running until the 16th october at 8PM CET! If you're interested head over to the auction on FA Good luck everyone!

Just wow! This is incredible for a personal project. Congrats to David Mackenzie for this insane piece. Please give him some love on his profile πŸ‘‡

POV: You enter the flower store and you're welcomed with a smile 🌻

Since Deltarune Chapter 2 is coming I thought I'd also share some of the Asgore art I've done all

After playing that rough you gotta show some tenderness with your partner πŸ’™ Volibear x Rengar Comic commission for Page 3 & 4

Volibear has Rengar cornered but the Pridestalker doesn't go down without a fight Volibear x Rengar Comic commission for page 1 & 2

200+ followers YCH w/ Asgore RAFFLE - from the 2nd to 9th of September! To enter, follow this account and retweet! 🌟 A winner will be randomly selected, & they will be able to request a fursona of their choice for the YCH! Good luck everyone! πŸ’•

Bis zum 07.09., 8 Uhr (UTC/GMT)! 50 % Rabatt auf CLIP STUDIO PAINT! Gewinne ein Wacom One, auch ohne Kauf! Folge unserem offiziellen Account und retweete den Tweet! Heute ist Tag 2, es verbleiben noch 5 Chancen!

gorey doing a workout! gotta keep in shape when you can!

✨✨30K FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY✨✨ To thank you all for your great love and support you guys have gave me! 🧑 LIKE, RT and FOLLOW to enter. I'll draw a waist up portrait of a character of your choosing ( OC or fanart ) . I'll pick 2 winners on September 13th.

Buff Vence? Buff Vence! Did just a quick one, hope you guys have an amazing weekend c: