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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

PSSSSSSSS SUPER IMPORTANT NEWSSSS Part of the Christmas Items are on the website like the Advent Calendar the refill and the Christmas basket So pop over and have a loooooook. Please note we wil add more items this month

I rolled in 🐎💩 today and had to have a hose down! Mum then put me in me Equafleece. I was livid. She says I am stinking the house out. Wude 🙄

Mum moaning that she can’t even have a pee in peace. Well yoo watch me all da time in da garden woman! 😂😂😂

I luffs da cronchy apple 🍎

Mums awesome Chonki Christmas 🎄 mug

Wot? I was just saying hello to yoo Counsellor on da Zoom……..many times

I see yoo has homemade ricey pudding 👀 Me does also like da homemade ricey pudding 😍😍😍

It’s and we need to make sure we are looking after our hoomins not just today, but evfury day 💚 They need us more than ever

Drinkies and paddling 💦

Look how beautiful it was in our happ place today ☀️☀️

Errrrrrr I in trubs 🙊 Mums post

Green Peep safely re- buried 🪦

No Mum, I haven’t been digging whilst you was in de shower 😇

Woogle in da wet grass 😂