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Jessica William

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John Doe

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It's always awesome and cool to talk to again. she is so awesome and amazing. She is one the best and my one my favorite wrestlers of all time. Thank you sasha you are the best.

Good on WWE for giving the fans what they wanted, and what Xavier Woods wanted.

Those glasses probably cost $5,000 just to do that.

"Tonight, it's time for the champ to remind everyone just who the hell I am!" - πŸ”₯

All hail Queen Vega and King Woods

Big congratulations to on now officially becoming Queen Zelina! We are all so proud of what you have accomplished, and know this is only the beginning.

Bayley saying congrats to woods

Bayley congratulations Xavier

Trish needs to show up at the Royal Rumble or I’m showing up at her house.


There will for sure be one big title change for these next 3 matches. Highly doubt they leave Saudi without a title change. They always have one.

The pure happiness on his face 🀍

They are going to OWN this πŸ™ŒπŸΎ Congratulations La Reina & King πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

The dream has come true. πŸ‘‘ ALL HAIL KING !

He's done it! picks up the win over at .

This makes each New Day member winning gold on their own Kofi with the IC,US and WWE Championship Big E with the IC and WWE Championship Xavier with the King of the Ring Crown 🐐

If there's one thing about the new day is that they constantly PROVE. BITCHES. WRONG.