Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Warning: Consisting of four fandom stan twt acc

grabe wala akong maisulat na poem😭

gasss give me some creative juicess

Calebb naunsa HAHAHAHHAHAHA ang hangen

omgggg nakakakaba ang gmeet todeii

therapy montefalco cousins comeback on sept 20,2021 ❌✅

Hey guys! Here are the winners for Fanart making contest. Congratulations and Kri Shia. To claim your prize kindly send us a dm. Thank you for sponsoring this contest. Congratulations also to the participants who actively joined +

Kumusta ang araw? Okay ka lang ba?

ang lamig lamig di2 samennnn,,, ehem zack pengeng yakap ehem🤣

Eleanor you are already home💚🥺

sanaol niyakap HAHAHHAHAH

makakilig kay chap 12 ng NBT enebeeee

sa 4 nlngs huhu,,, see u

: OMGGGGG Ang saya koo😭😭, finally Our baby Eleanor finally made a genuine decision for herself. Nakakaiyak, Im so proud of youuuu. This is a step. And a step is a progress. You'll soon recover from that trauma baby ily!.

kakaopen ko lungsss tapos wahhhhhh spoiler ng NBT bumungad HAHAHHAHAHA

hoiii teka lungs HAHAHAHHAHA di na pala aq nakaabot sa kumu ni kap huhu

Okay, but Zack being soft to Eleanor is just-😩 Nasa tamang daan ka Zack hihi

I will never not get teary eyed about Eleanor and her firsts. No matter how many people sees Eleanor as odd being in Van Zanth, I will forever be thankful to those who welcomed her warmly. 🤧

: Ayon nga,, He wasnt happy to what Ele did,, (nor do I) but just merely hearing Eleanor pleading. He went soft and hugged her. I bet the words hes already cursing those animals who made Ele suffered.

👤: beomgyu, do you want to be a leader? 🐻: if i became a leader, we’d be in big trouble. billboard charts? we wouldn’t have been able to get there. yeonjun hyung wouldn’t be good either, since he would abuse his power.