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Jessica William

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As says. None of the people telling you to worry about Covid, are worried about Covid.

What happened to common sense and basic science? tells about his legislation to protect service members from mandates. "The demographic most at risk for myocarditis is young males aged 19-24. Guess what, that is the majority of the enlisted..."

"I'm Right" w/ starts NOW! He reacts to the removal of Thomas Jefferson's statue, 's mocking supply chain concerns, & more! Guest appearances from & ! Watch here: Or on the app:

How disappointing that must have been to cross an entire ocean and all you find is Canada.

These are the people you are firing over not getting an experimental shot for a virus that is 99% survivable.

A ship caught fire at port and they couldn’t put it out. That fire takes place in the middle of the Pacific next time and it’s because of a Chinese missile. And every sailor on that ship goes down to the deep. Now do you still care about “diversity”?

Leave the comedy to those of us who can do it. Meaning, leave it for the men.

Everybody is out here making fun of the for this victory parade, but I’m not gonna make them feel bad about themselves by dunking on them.

Pfizer Assures That Vaccine Is Almost As Safe For Kids As COVID

There’s nothing quite so heartbreaking as biting into a delicious looking dessert and finding out it has nuts in it.

The communist treasures his possession of the school boards like you would treasure a new puppy. It is the source of all his power. Go take it from him.

Not becoming your enemy doesn't mean not fighting back. It means putting down the weapons after you win.

If you live in a blue state, vaccine mandates are coming for your kids. I promise you they’re coming. The vax companies didn’t ramp up their lobbying efforts just for fun. It’s coming. Don’t be shocked when it does.

Love how they blame "the toll of the pandemic" and not the government response to it.