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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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2 DAYS until my new book comes out. Here's the intro and the basic idea, hope you all like it. (Retweets etc appreciated so that more people will see it / be forced to gaze upon the banging penguins)

You utter dickheads

Members of the public, going about their day, were unaware they were about to be hit with a dose of a powerful hallucinogen.

Operation Midnight Climax: The CIA experiment with sex, drugs, and mind control that went horribly wrong

are there any scientists out there who can fact check his claim that the 139k dead were killed by their own lack of conviviality

The virus famously can't spread between people who know each other. Save yourself from Covid by yelling "HI I'M JAMES" whenever you're on the fucking tube.

I know it’s tempting, but please do not feed bread to heavy goods vehicles, it fills their stomachs and prevents them from foraging for foods they would naturally eat x

Am up to page 3 of ‘Sunburn’ by and laughing loudly at his personified descriptions of The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Sun 🤣👏👍

Our live Explains episode recorded at the event is now online! Enjoy the Universe & the Divine, about what astronomy tells us (and mostly doesn't tell us) about religion! Feat. rants about Catholicism and New Atheism! 🎧+🗒️

All he ever wanted was to master the drum break from In The Air Tonight and seize the means of production.

Parents please check your kids Halloween sweets. Just found Truth coming out of this Walnut Whip to shame mankind.

Is the store manager Wile E. Coyote?

Most other countries: Normal functioning UK: Expect to try and grab a product and realise it’s just a photograph, like you’re in a fucking cartoon

Honestly takes the piss that they’re talking about staying safe in well ventilated areas given almost two years of failure to ventilate even schools, which will remain mandatory.

Wonder if the “please remember we’re still in a pandemic” message might be at odds with the previous “get back to work or be fired you cunts” campaign

From the same government that thinks a few channel crossings are astonishingly high

Sajid Javid announcing we’re going to get out of this mess with the same zero restrictions that got us in here