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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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Happy to announce that my first ever and limited NFT collection “Nostalgiabeyond” is minted and now listed ✨🙏🏼

Vejers Strand, 2021 Minolta X-700 & Portra400

Gm everyone! ✨ Flying back home from my vacation in Portugal. Took a lot of pictures and enjoyed it so much! Full of energy to start new projects back in good old Germany. Stay positive and enjoy your day! ☺️ “Nightcrawler” is still available on Opensea. Oberhausen, 2020

Good morning everyone! Hope we all have a good day! ✨ Paris, 2021

“lead the way” is now available on ! So proud of this piece and it will also come with my debut photo book “Saudade” ❤️

Moody moments. Two pieces of my collection “Nostalgiabeyond” on Opensea. Available for 0.07 ETH.

Neon Life - The Collection Excited to release this series I've been working on since 2015 on Opensea tomorrow (Monday) // 40 neons, 40 photos, 40 memories // Double exposures on film // 0.25eth each

Stories from different places.

Only 3 1/1s remain on my including these two images! ❤️🤞🏼

had to grab the pink Porsche 🥰🤗

Oh wow! „Pink Porsche“ is sold 😍🙏🏼 Thanks to the anonymous buyer 🖤 Send me a DM in case you read this! Would love to thank you ✨

Thanks to for buying „Endless days“ from my collection „Nostalgiabeyond“ on 🙏🏼 Really means a lot, because he is one of my favorite film photographer ✨

Up and down. Lisbon, 2019 In case you are interested in NFTs, check out my collection ‚Nostalgiabeyond‘ on and ‚Inception’ and ‚911’ on Every picture is 1/1! ✨ Have a great day!

Autumn is coming. I have a series for this mood available on Opensea ♥️

Tiny shops. Oberhausen, 2021

🏘️ Rowhome #74 🏡 Retweet to enter to be whitelisted for this Rowhomes 1/1 NFT! List price .69ETH. This has got to be the most odd home in the series. You can tell that it was once normal by the ornate cornice up top, and indents in the black stucco where windows once were.