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Jessica William

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hey Texans! remember that the next election for the Governor of Texas will be on NOVEMBER 8TH 2022!!

SPOON THEORY Spoon theory is a metaphor used by people with physical and mental conditions that limits their energy each day. Abled people, please listen, and share. This metaphor is to convey what it's like to live like this to those who don't have these limitations. [1/9]

Spoons or bones, be kind to yourself, be understanding and compassionate for those having a no bones day or those running low on spoons 💙 and take care of yourself!

It costs $0.00 to retweet & help me grow please

Support minority students. Stop letting people like this sit on senate & continue to bully, intimidate & silence students who stand up for their communities & their issues at TAMU simply bc its uncomfortable for the status quo.

okay I have to know now. do y’all change the sheets when someone stays over/is on your bed with their outside clothes?

still traumatized by someone getting in my bed under the covers WITH THEIR SHOES ON

FUN FACT: telling a disabled person that you’d never think they were disabled or that they “could have fooled me” bc they don’t look disabled is not a compliment. how many times do I have to explain this I am so tired

some days just getting out of bed is physically taxing enough to take all the spoons. please be kind and understanding to your chronically ill friends the same way you are to noodle

if you're able bodied and you're following the bones, no bones. I beg you to learn to translate this to spoon theory for chronically ill folks. we very literally wake up with bones or no bones and don't have a choice to work through a no bones day 😅

The only 🧟‍♀️🧛🏽‍♂️👻 party to be at on Sat 10/30 in BCS is with ME: the queen of Halloween at Murphy’s Law! Spooky drag show at 11, costume contest at midnight, free candy for those in costume and photobooth all night long, $4 Mad Scientist shots. BE THERE 🎃

fit check

can’t wait to confuse my lab partners with my ever changing aesthetic. today it’s medieval bar wench

I’ve said “I’m having the worst week ever” for the past few weeks LMAO

friendly reminder I make big/lil shirts & ring dunk shirts/pitchers!!! <3

Everyone finding love & getting into relationships

noodle might have bones today but I sure as hell don’t 😞

just deleted tiktok. nature is healing