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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

hobi being a tiny sunshine — a very heartwarming thread :(

okay damn I’m obsessed with my iPad Homescreen

gn bffs >3< !!

a compilation of jungkook's giggles and softer voice when he was with bam <3

your crush, park jimin

160805 Kim Taehyung forever iconic

my new discovery from the music world 🌟 . .

17,7K <333 TYYYYYY 😭😭

i believe in hoseok black swan outfit and his jawline supremecy

great to see vibing to our music the same way i do with theirs🥲

‘hey babe I just prepared us dinner wanna come over??’

smile looks so beautiful on jungkook

🐯this is too big 🐨(to the bug) sorry oh sorry my bad its my fault 🐿this is basically a bird 🐰its not a bird, theres a lot of moths that are this big 🐨 is there any mosquito repellent ? 🐱 you cant spray things like mosquito repellent when youre eating

gaming buddies !!

아미를 위한 선물 💐🍀 (feat.태형이 부탁으로 사진추가)

Yoongi has such a soft spot for dogs🥺

*punches the walls, shakes violently, throws pebbles at strangers* 😀

저 괜찮아요~ 수술 잘 받고 쉬면서 간간이 작업하면서 잘 있습니다~~ 노걱정 😜🤩

yoongi running and messing around with bam with the other members watching fondly… gonna cry 😭