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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

RoseArmy and Lions and all that support Liquorose please read the note below. T for thanx

The things that get people riled up in this fanbase ehh😂😂😂😂. Every night you’ll be going to bed with a tight chest .... and also wahulurrr for who need KING when whe have a KWEEN in this fanbase . Sleep well

Before we sleep please let’s be reminded that we a very important project going on. Please please find your respective country reps and join their groups... if you don’t trust them, there’s a flutterwave link created please drop something for the LION

ATTENTION LIQUOLIONS OFFICIAL HASHTAG FOR TOMORROW IS KEYWORD: BIG27 PROJECT GOAL: NO1 Hype.. Cruise and retweet using the hashtag Tag to all tweets Follow

Honestly it’s becoming annoying to vote on this blog but let’s just do this guys

I wonder if she has gotten time to spend with her family. If not it must be hard for her 🥺but baby gots to work

I love the fact that they played everyone’s song 😘Wholesome

Omo is my network tripping or something.... l can’t hear anything on that space

Please tag in all you tweets (positive ones) we might clock 40k tonight

Are the ggb still living together orrrr

Those three soam accounts that keep bringing old news to the TL thunder fire una 🙄🙄🙄

Lookard her naaa .... “a preddy girl with gooud arritude” in Neo’s voice 😂😂

Guys block and report this account..... imagine them talking about Liquorose and Mayonnaise together....... God forbid

Please you can’t be tweeting about Liquorose without following her . that’s wrong

Since we’re doing kumbaya in these streets please follow Liquorose on Instagram. God bless you🥺😘

Are you guys ready because we are about to be served some looks ..... Hope she attends

I think I’m becoming too soft because the disrespect ehhhh okay ooo . No problem 😉

Omg the way this tweet is being taken . I’m not talking about Emmanuel abeg . I like the guy I’m talking about certain things 😂😂yoh ... uyaphapha

Me l will never accept shit . Call me toxic or a witch ... l’ll accept it with my flat chest