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Jessica William

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One or two balloons saying Sir Alex Ferguson was given time so so should Solskjaer! Ferguson got the Man Utd job off the back of a stellar managerial record and huge success at Aberdeen. Dethroning the Old Firm and beating Real Madrid in a European final.Give your head a wobble.

Sheesh , the most Dominant team In The world

29’ Leverkusen 0-1 Bayern 37’ Leverkusen 0-5 Bayern Four goals in eight minutes ☠️

Joe Manchin raked in $400,000 from the oil and gas industry last quarter, including contributions from traditionally Republican donors. Now he’s opposing clean energy legislation. It’s not called coincidence. It’s called oligarchy.

Is it just me or is there a massive labor movement happening right now that isn’t being covered except as “rich intellectual workers are leaving to pursue their passions because COVID”?????

Tucker Carlson Boutta lose his shit

If United Get Luis Enrique 🙆🏿‍♂️

53-years ago today Tommie Smith and John Carlos stood on the podium to receive gold and bronze medals for the men's 200-meters at the Mexico City Olympics (October 16, 1968)...

Amazing how many women are blaming men for this Lmaooo Y’all are evil

If a 30 year old man tweeted this from a college campus it would be WW3 on this mf lol this crazy

Pogba: "We deserved to lose." []

Mo Salah looking looking at United’s defense

Man sorry to say. But Oles time has come far enough. Done well to build this squad. But he and the coaching staff are nowhere near good enough for us to sustainably win trophies. The team we have now, there is literally no excuse for the football on show.

Football is cruel wow

So Bailly woulda done a worse job than Maguire